The Fastest Way to Start Selling Digital Files

Start selling eBooks using the Payloadz system.

Payloadz is by far the fastest and most robust way to start selling digital files. No matter what file types you want to offer, Payloadz is one of the cheapest and most effective avenues to take.

Why use Payloadz? Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s cheap to start up and it’s Free until you hit your first $50.00 worth of sales in a 30 day period.
  2. You can sell an unlimited number of digital products including shipping physical CD’s with your download.
  3. Your file links are encrypted. They also expire and limit the number of downloads per purchase.
  4. It’s automated! You can be on a beach somewhere while your website sells for you.
  5. Payloadz offers other avenues to sell your digital products such as Ebay, Amazon, Ubid and other auction sites.
  6. You can accept PayPal and Google Checkout for payments.
  7. Payloadz includes a quick and easy to set up an affiliate system so others can sell your product for you.
  8. Allows for product key and registration system to further protect your files.
  9. Sell in your favorite currencies – US$, C$, Euro, Pound Sterling, AU$, Yen
  10. You don’t even need paid hosting. Payloadz links work from any website that offer HTML editing.

A quick start guide on how to set up Payloadz.

  1. Sign up for a FREE Payloadz account.
  2. Sign up for a FREE PayPal and or Google Checkout account.
  3. Set up your initial Payloadz profile information and preferences once you’ve validated and logged into your account.
  4. Create a new product to sell. Click on the Selling tab > Create New Product drop down link and fill in your product information accordingly. Click on the image below to view details.
  5. Next Payloadz will take you to the upload file screen. Upload your file and submit it by clicking on the Upload button.
  6. Next, go to the Selling tab > Button Code Generator. If you have one file upload, there should be various HTML links depending on how you want the link to show up on your site. Personally, I use the “PayPal Code- Shopping Cart” tab so it says add to cart instead of buy now. Click on the Generate Product Purchase Code and grab the HTML from below.
  7. Copy and paste the HTML into your site and Voila, you’re done!

Now get started and go sign up for a Payloadz account today!

Choosing Kick Ass Domain Names

7 Killer Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name Possible

Purchasing the perfect domain name with search engine optimized keywords can give you an additional boost towards high ranking search results. The days are gone where your domain name will pull your site up to the top solely for the keyword related term however keywords can play a good part in the search algorithms. You’ll also want the shortest name possible for ease of remembrance. Unfortunately there’s nothing but tons of domain name squatters so you’ll have to be creative when choosing your domain name.

OneWhere to Start Without a doubt, Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool is one of the most powerful ways to find keyword rich domain names. Type in a few keywords related to your subject and the results should show a hundred plus keyword suggestions.  Included in the search results are other possible keyword terms at the bottom you can use relevant to your subject.

Also included in the results are columns showing search volume by the most recent month and approximate overall monthly volume averaged over 12 months. Note: This volume is Google and Google’s search partners’ keyword volume only. Expect Yahoo, MSN and other search engines to add additional keyword search volume. In addition to Google’s tools try WordTracker or Keyword Discovery to look up additional search volume.

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

TwoBe Creative When choosing a domain name, a Thesaurus can do creative wonders to help you get past those pesky domain squat blockers.  A variety of subject oriented keywords can help get you the upper hand on finding your domain name. Search for your subject or topic and copy and paste the synonym search results into notepad for your future reference. Once completed drop them back into the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool until you have a decent list to work from.

ThreeUse Keyword Suggestion Sites There are a few cool website apps that help you choose a domain name by adding a prefix or suffix to your keyword. Dot-o-mator is one of them. Type in your root word and choose from the drop down menu on the right and suggest away. Nameboy is another one where you can add primary and secondary words. Reminder: Use the Thesaurus or the Google Keyword Suggestion tool to find suggested words to add to the root word. Another I stumbled upon recently was This site gives you the option to add adjectives, verbs, nouns to the beginning or end of your keyword and generates 25 or so available URL options.

Of course GoDaddy, Moniker, DomainsBot, Bustaname and many others offer automated keyword suggested domain names as well. The good thing about GoDaddy and Moniker is they allow for bulk domain name registration. You can check or register up to 500 domain names at once.

FourTry Misspells for Branding, Trademarks and the Unique Cuteness Effect Both Domainr and DomainTyper help suggest shortened domain names using other country’s domain extensions. For example the famous bookmarking site like used a non .com extension. Although it’s a .US extension you get the idea. One could register if they had an address in the State of Eritrea. Keep in mind using a website domain name outside of the country may not show your site in your own countries search results.

FiveDot Com’s vs. Dot Info’s and others Contrary to tip number four, the choice is always yours to register a dot com over a dot net, info, me, org or any other dozens of choices you may have. Remember though, dot com’s were the original website top level domain extensions. Similar to toll free numbers, a toll free 800 number will always be better than a 888 or 877 number.

SixHyphenating As mentioned earlier, many short domain names are already taken by domain squatters. Choosing to use hyphens in your domain name isn’t the end of the world if all your business is online, however it isn’t suggested to use if for a real offline business when you can avoid it. The usability and accessibility may lower when someone types your domain name into their browser especially if they miss the hyphen and go to a competitor that owns the non-hyphenated domain.

If you do need to use hyphens, keep it minimal to one or maybe two at the very most. They really aren’t that desirable.

SevenFour More Must Bookmark Domain Name Sites

DomainTools is one of the most powerful domain tools on the net. Services offered vary from basic domain suggestions, reverse look ups to see what other domains an owner has, auctions and more. Many of the services aren’t free though. Check it out and dig around to see everything DomainTools offers. is undeniably simple in nature. Although basic it’s a staple for checking availability of names.

NameCake allows you to buy and sell domain names. Many of the domain registrars listed in this post allow for most of the services listed, some rise to the top. NameCake is one of them.

JustDropped is unique in the fact that it lists all the deleted or soon to be deleted domain names. For instance at the time of this posting, 76,522 domains will expire the next day. Yes many of the domain names aren’t that great, as they were yesterday’s wet dream for someone making money online but you may take advantage of searching for topic oriented domain names and find just what you are looking for. You never know when you might pick up a domain name with a little PageRank or a few back links pointing to it.

How to Publish WordPress Posts to Twitter

What better way to test the WP to Twitter plugin then by actually trying it out with by posting a write up on it. WP to Twitter automates the process of tweeting when publishing a WordPress post or page. In addition you can also add the API to track your click throughs. It’s a simple yet robust WP plugin that looks very effective.

Many thanks to Joe Dolson who created this plugin.

How to Set Up Your Digital Delivery System Empire

So you have big dreams of making extra cash online?

If you have a hobby, talent or any type of skill that others are also interested in, there’s a way you can make money from it on the Internet. I’m an artist and a web designer at heart so for me to utilize my talents the best is to create downloadable PDF e-books, theme templates, designs and fonts for sale to specific vertical and niche markets. For competitive reasons, I won’t disclose what they are at this time but I will show you how you can do it for yourself.

It took a while to assimilate all the components needed to make my system work for me instead of me for it. In this post I’ll share how to save you lots of time and money simply by systematizing the process. Listed below is the method I use.

Domain Names
Registering the proper domain names is key to yours and your website’s success. Many ideas are taken simply because you didn’t take action quick enough. so register wisely and efficiently.

Many times you’ll want to register your domains as private. This works best if you don’t have an office or a Postal Annex address to use or sometimes you just don’t want anyone to know what you’re up to. For this I suggest Moniker. You can register a private domain name for about $10 a year. In comparison, Godaddy charges around $18.00 annually for private domain names. Remember, the profit’s in the buying. Keep your costs low.

Unlimited Domain Name Hosting
For hosting, I used Godaddy forever and then one day realized I was paying $900+ dollars a year in hosting. All the $3.99 a month dings started adding up. I searched around and found that DreamHost offers unlimited domain name hosting. Note: Their telephone support is totally lacking but their email support is great. Once you get in the groove you’ll be able to setup sites like there’s no tomorrow.

Merchant Accounts
You will need the ability to receive credit cards as payments. There are tons of merchant account options out there. Paypal has no monthly fees and the per transaction fee is minimal. Hey, it’s virtual money right? Sign up for a PayPal account today. Google checkout is another one to consider although some of the digital delivery systems don’t support it yet.

Cheap Digital Delivery Systems
If you have basic digital products, Payloadz is the way to go. They don’t charge up front until you start receiving orders. Once you hit the $100 in a 30 day period they will charge you the basic monthly rate. They also offer Google checkout. You will need your Paypal account to sign up with them. (See how to set up a Payloadz account.)

Unlimited AutoResponders
If you want to capture emails for cheap, GetResponse offers a decent system that allows you to offer free reports and capture emails for future marketing. They offer a free limited version email campaign system while you are getting setup. You can use as many domain names and marketing drip systems a month as you want once you upgrade to their paid version. The basic paid level limits the emails to 10,000 a month until you upgrade to the next payment level. If you are starting off they are pretty good.

There you have it, the system I use every time I come up with an inspiring idea to make more money online. Your startup costs and expenses will be relatively cheap so now you can concentrate on creating your content to sell.

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